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Low Cost Prepaid International Phone Cards
Low Cost Prepaid International Phone Cards

   pick a country then press go   
telephone Calling from
a UK BT or Sky

mobile Calling from
a UK mobile
a UK landline
(Outbound rates)

Cheap International Call for Landline Users...
All you need is yayaTalk Instant. Dial our access number and pay cheap flat rates all day, every day - the best rates to call anywhere in the world!

Cheap International Call for Mobile Users...
If you're always on the move, try yayaTalk Text&Talk Card. Pre-pay for call credit on your mobile via SMS, then start making international calls, any time, at low, low rates.

Or if you are BT or Virgin landline free call user please use following Topup2Talk service.

If you have free national or local calls from your home or office phone then you only pay an outbound rate as little as 0.8p/min using our Text&Talk service.

Text&Talk (From 0.8p/min)

Cheap international call Text message '999' to 80041 for a £3 call credit
Cheap calling cards This message will cost you £3 and we will credit your phone £3 of call credit.

Cheap calling cards OR

Cheap international call Text message '999' to 80550 for a £5 call credit
Cheap calling cards This message will cost you £5 and we will credit your phone £5 of call credit.

Cheap international call Two confirmation texts with PIN informing you that your mobile has been charged £3 or £5 respectively will be sent shortly thereafter.

2nd Step: TALK NOW
Call when you want, for as long as you want, as often as you want. Make your call from your chosen phone using our 020 7124 6666 or 0800 594 6666 access numbers by keying your PIN at the prompt.

Choose a country from the menu below and then press the go button to see how cheap our rates are. (This rate is outbound rate only. For the additional charge, click here for details.)

Rates are quoted in pence per minute and calls will be rounded to the nearest penny and are charged per minute. A connection charge equal to twice the outbound rate - up to a maximum of 40p - is applied to each call. Rates shown are based on the 0207/0208/0344 access numbers (which will be charged by your service providers at Lo-call and standard national call rates respectively). 0800 free-phone access is available at an additional 1p per minute to the quoted rates.

When calling 020 7124 6666, you will be charged according to your service provider's standard rate, in addition to the outbound rate. Calls charged per minute and rounded to the nearest penny. Use the access number 020 7124 6666 if calling from a mobile which has inclusive free minutes as part of its contract, and equally if your home or office phone has free national/local calls. So you pay the outbound rate only!

Our best savings over BT Together peak rates from UK mainland before promotions and discounts as of 01/06/2004. Standard is Monday - Friday, 8am - 6pm. The savings exclude impact of BTs minimum call charge and Text&Talk call connection charge.

For more details about yayaTalk Text&Talk, click here for details!

Access Numbers

0870 996 3663    1p
0844 720 9001    2p
0844 838 0050    3p
0844 431 3663    4p
0843 361 3663    5p
0844 904 6770    6p
0844 720 9001    2p
0844 552 8111    7p
0871 751 3292    8p
0871 801 3303    9p
0871 552 3006  10p
0871 341 3112  11p
0911 047 3663  12p
0871 570 4334  13p
0911 677 3663  15p
0911 558 1515  20p
0911 212 1515  25p
0911 201 1512  30p
0911 262 1515  40p
0911 909 1515  60p
0911 195 1100100p

Access Numbers

020 7124 6666
national access

0800 594 6666

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